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Tom Ward

Civil Engineer

Tampa (Hidden Rvr), FL

My decades of consulting engineering experience include over 30 years providing drainage design for Florida Department of Transportation projects. As drainage engineer of record, I have guided staff in the design of stormwater management systems, bridge hydraulics reports, scour evaluations, cross drains, floodplain analysis, and storm drain systems. I've obtained surface water permits from every water management district in Florida, as well as local, state, and federal governing agencies.

I have comprehensive knowledge of the FDOT Drainage Manual and FDOT Drainage Handbooks. I am also proficient with stormwater management design software, including ICPR v4; ICPRv3 with PercPak; PONDS; Geopak Drainage; ASAD; FHWA's HY-8, HDS-5, and HEC Series; and the FDOT Culvert Service Life Estimator.

  • BS, Civil Engineering, University of South Florida
  • Registered Professional Engineer, FL