Wauwatosa Mayfair Collection Traffic Impact Analysis & Signal

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HSA Commercial, Inc., hired Ayres to prepare a traffic impact study for a proposed mixed-use development adjacent to the north side of West Burleigh Street and east of USH 45 in the City of Wauwatosa. Before moving forward with the project, it was important for HSA to know the traffic access issues that may impact the development’s feasibility. A preliminary traffic study assessing the project’s impacts was prepared for the client to assist with decision-making.

Based partly on the preliminary study, the client decided to move forward with the development plans. This resulted in Ayres preparing a full traffic impact study that was submitted to the City of Wauwatosa and the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) for review and approval. Both approved the study and the associated recommended roadway improvements.

Ayres was then retained by HSA Commercial to prepare traffic signal installation plans as a part of the traffic mitigation and roadway improvement plans approved by the City of Wauwatosa and WisDOT for the development, which is known as the Mayfair Collection. This work involved preparing design plans for new traffic signals at two intersections on Burleigh Avenue at 112th Street and at 114th Street. The work was coordinated with the client’s civil engineer, the City, and WisDOT. Our team developed signal construction plans and signal timing plans at two intersections.

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HSA Commercial, Inc


Wauwatosa, WI

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Traffic Engineering


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