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Subsurface Utility Engineering – A Wise Investment

By Janice Ash, PE, and Michael Wolf In today’s world, building and rebuilding are facts of life – from wider roads to larger housing complexes, bigger buildings, and revitalized downtowns. While these changes to roads and buildings are highly visible, within every project is an often-underemphasized component – the utility infrastructure. An electromagnetic locator can… Read More »

Pi Makes the World Go Round

In celebration of Pi Day (3-14, the first three digits of pi) we’ve asked a few of our professionals how they use pi in their day-to-day work. (And here’s an easy refresher on what pi is.) Turns out it’s more common than you’d think! Jan Ash, PE, subsurface utility engineering, Tampa Pi has always been… Read More »

How Does SUE Pinpoint Critical Underground Pipelines? Precisely

What is Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE)? SUE blends utility designating, utility locating, surveying and mapping, and data management into a fluid method where “X” marks the spot for underground utilities – literally. SUE experts enjoy the challenge of piecing together a precise map of underground infrastructure at a project site. Pinpointing utility locations requires much… Read More »