What Our Kids Think We Do at Ayres Associates (Clue: It Involves Tall Buildings and Superman)

Your kids know what you do at work, right? We wanted to find out if our children know what we’re up to all day at Ayres Associates, so we gave them a pop quiz.

As it turns out, we apparently employ Superman here, and we also have people who build tall buildings for him to leap over. The truth is that we don’t employ Superman, but our engineers, architects, inspectors, and other professionals have saved the day more than once. And while we don’t build buildings, we do design some really nice ones.

Contractors get all the attention as they make things with their own hands (and heavy equipment), so you could easily get the impression that engineers, environmental scientists, mappers, and architects don’t make anything. But there’s one thing Ayres Associates’ professionals make daily: happy clients.

From the time they walk in the door in the morning, our professionals’ work revolves around their clients – solving their problems, stretching their dollars, and looking forward to figuring out the next project that will make a client’s life better.

But we’ll let our experts speak for themselves. While the videos do show our cute kids, they also provide time for rebuttals from their talented parents, Brian Schroeder and Disa Wahlstrand. Enjoy the show.

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  • Diane Schroeder says:

    Great video: My grandchildren are so darn cute and smart. My son is also very helpful and smart.

  • Carole Licht says:

    Love these comments from the kids and the parents do a great job of explaining their jobs! Great company! I love Ayres Associates! Only wish I was younger so I could spend another 18 years there!