Beloit Memorial High School Master Planning

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The Beloit Memorial High School campus is the most visited destination in Beloit, Wisconsin, hosting thousands of guests every year. The high school campus lacks space to host large sporting events and tournaments, is burdened with several safety issues that can be resolved with planning and design changes, and does not represent the pride the community has in its flagship institution.

In 2016 Ayres embarked on a master planning process to transform the campus into a community hub and a regional destination. The resulting vision plan was built on community input from several public meetings and made achievable by dividing it into five phases to be implemented over at least 12 years. Proposed changes to the site would result in increased sports fields, decentralized parking, realigned internal circulation routes, greater access, arrival and departure accommodations, and outdoor student spaces.

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Beloit 200 Corporation


Beloit, WI

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Industrial / Mining / Agriculture / Other