Over the years, we’ve been honored to welcome some of the most talented minds in the industry to our team, and our partners benefit from their knowledge, guidance, and expertise.

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Robert Stein

Landscape Architect

Madison, WI

"The Ayres team and Rob Stein in particular did a remarkable job in the conceptual planning. They listened to our needs intently, designed thoughtfully, and are ultimately helping us deliver a project that will serve our community well for years to come."
Scott Endl
Fitchburg, WI

I've been providing landscape architectural design services since 2006. Inspired by the cultural, environmental, and physical stories that a site tells, I have been designing outdoor spaces such as parks, riverfronts, bike paths, downtown streetscapes, and sustainable landscapes for communities of all sizes. I believe our shared landscapes play a pivotal role in shaping our experience of spaces.

I'm also skilled in facilitating public meetings and communicating with community members about design projects. I offer clients knowledge about environmental design for the creation of innovative, functional, and sustainable projects. I communicate design ideas effectively through illustrative plans and graphics, and I have experience producing construction documents.

  • BLA, Landscape Architecture, North Dakota State University
  • BS, Environmental Design, North Dakota State University
  • Professional Landscape Architect, WI
  • Professional Landscape Architect, WV