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Brian Schroeder

Supervisor - Structural Inspection

Eau Claire, WI

"We hit the ground running with Brian and Ayres. It was like we had been working together for years. The communication between Ayres and NMSU has been second to none."
David Jauregui
New Mexico State University

Brian joined Ayres Associates' structural inspection group in 2000. His structural inspection work includes topside and underwater inspections of dams and bridges as well as ancillary structure inspections as a qualified team inspection leader. He is an American Welding Society Certified Weld Inspector and Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians certified worker. He has completed hundreds of bridge inspections for state, federal, and local agencies throughout his career. He manages inspection projects, supervises structural inspection staff, and completes inspections as a team leader, diver, and climber.

Brian's areas of expertise include the following:

  • Structural analysis
  • Structural inspection
  • Safety training
  • FHWA NHI 130091 Underwater Bridge Inspection
  • NDT Level 2 Ultrasonic Testing
  • FHWA NHI 130087 Inspection and Maintenance of Ancillary Highway Structures
  • Minnesota DOT Bridge Safety Inspector, MN
  • FHWA NHI 420018 Instructor Development
  • Nebraska Bridge Inspection Team Leader
  • Transportation Workers Identification Credential
  • FHWA NHI 130053 Bridge Inspection Refresher
  • FHWA NHI 130078 Fracture Critical Inspection Techniques for Steel Bridges
  • Certified Bridge Inspector, FL
  • Inspection Team Leader, WI
  • AWS Certified Weld Inspector
  • Certified Advanced Open Water Diver
  • FHWA NHI 130055 Safety Inspection of In-Service Bridges
  • Confined Space Training
  • Certified Rope Access Worker
  • Minnesota DOT Bridge Inspection Proficiency Test
  • Level 2 Rope Access Technician
  • FHWA NHI 135047 Stream Stability and Scour at Highway Bridges
  • MS, Welding Engineering, Ohio State University
  • BS, Civil Engineering, North Dakota State University
  • Registered Professional Engineer, OR
  • Registered Professional Engineer, GA
  • Registered Professional Engineer, NE
  • Registered Professional Engineer, FL
  • Registered Professional Engineer, WA
  • Registered Professional Engineer, IA
  • Registered Professional Engineer, WI
  • Registered Professional Engineer, MN
  • Registered Professional Engineer, AZ
  • Registered Professional Engineer, ND
  • Registered Professional Engineer, SD
  • Registered Professional Engineer, UT