Our Locations

Our offices in the Midwest, Southeast, and West serve clients around the nation. Video conference equipment and document sharing tools make it easy for us to put a diverse team of specialists around the table to push projects forward.

Cape Coral, FL

Cape Coral is all about water, sunshine, and warm temperatures, so we tend to spend a lot of time enjoying the outdoors. With an average of 355 days of sunshine and an average high of 85, why not? Recreational opportunities include bicycling, kayaking, basketball, bocce, shuffleboard, tennis, and pickleball. Canals, beaches, and boat launches make it easy to enjoy the water, and our area offers lots of opportunities to view birds and other wildlife or to go fishing. Golfing and a waterpark round out the offerings for family fun.

Our Cape Coral team – when they are not out soaking up the sun – specializes in telecommunications design, specifically focusing on utility conflicts for roadway projects, inspecting telecommunication facility construction, locating utilities (subsurface utility engineering), and providing a wide range of design and quality assurance/quality control for telecommunication networks.

Additionally our team offers traffic analysis and engineering, structural design and inspection, municipal utility design, and construction engineering and inspection (CEI).

Job Openings for Cape Coral, FL

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