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When Emergency Strikes, Inspectors and Engineers Leap into Action

The Atlanta transportation system was dealt a colossal blow March 30 after a massive fire under Interstate 85 caused a large bridge section to collapse. The blaze, apparently set intentionally, brought instant headaches to hundreds of thousands of commuters – even prompting the governor to declare a state of emergency. The collapse was a topic… Read More »

Highways Designed with Snow and Cold in Mind

By Eric Sorensen, PE Winter starts grating on the nerves of many about this time of year, especially when snow and ice slow our travels. The good news is that my fellow highway and bridge engineers and I know all about challenging northern and mountain environments, and we’re always accounting for winter driving factors in… Read More »

Rumble Strips Help Keep Drivers Safe

Highway rumble strips are a not-so-gentle reminder of curves or other roadway changes, and safety is their primary objective. In fact, rumble strips do a pretty good job of keeping drivers safe. According to the National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP), crashes were reduced on rural and urban two-lane roadways by 45% and 64%, respectively,… Read More »