Tag: Subsurface Utility Engineering

How Does SUE Pinpoint Critical Underground Pipelines? Precisely

What is Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE)? SUE blends utility designating, utility locating, surveying and mapping, and data management into a fluid method where “X” marks the spot for underground utilities – literally. SUE experts enjoy the challenge of piecing together a precise map of underground infrastructure at a project site. Pinpointing utility locations requires much… Read More »

Painting the Town Red: What Colors Tell Us About Underground Utilities

With spring setting in and the construction season beginning in earnest, you may notice some “graffiti” marking up a sidewalk, intersection, or lawn in your neighborhood. The varied paint colors (often accompanied by bouquets of small flags) may just seem like clutter as you move past. But for those who will be digging there soon,… Read More »

Better SUE Than Sorry: Locating Utilities Safely

“JEA (Jacksonville Electric Authority) crews hit water main, gas line in same day.” – April 2016 “30-inch water main ruptures in Orlando.” – April 2016 “Natural gas leak closes SR 54 in Pasco County.” – June 2016 These recent news stories in Florida have one thing in common: construction crews accidentally striking utilities while excavating… Read More »