Tag: Municipal Engineering

Unidirectional Flushing Scrubs Water Mains, Fire Hydrants

By Pete Kolaszewski, PE To maintain their water supply systems, communities schedule routine water main and fire hydrant flushing, which removes sediments, deposits, and biofilm buildup from water systems and improves overall water quality. A unidirectional flushing program (UDF), however, takes those routine flushes a step further. How Does Unidirectional Flushing Work? In general, UDF… Read More »

Sewer Monitoring Shows the Way to Savings

By Chris Pletcher, PE Sewer flow monitoring helps communities precisely determine whether their wastewater piping is right-sized, what effect proposed development will have on flows, and exactly where leaks might be causing problems. Monitoring involves placing a sensor into the wastewater flow. The sensor measures the depth and velocity and uses those parameters to calculate… Read More »

From Paper Bridges to Concrete Canoes, Scouts Wowed by Ayres Engineers

A group of Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts made paper bridges and learned about concrete canoes among other things when they sat down with members of the Young Professionals group at our Eau Claire, Wisconsin, headquarters a couple of weeks ahead of Engineers Week. Chris Marcum, a structural designer, told attendees from Cub Scout Pack 127… Read More »