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When Emergency Strikes, Inspectors and Engineers Leap into Action

The Atlanta transportation system was dealt a colossal blow March 30 after a massive fire under Interstate 85 caused a large bridge section to collapse. The blaze, apparently set intentionally, brought instant headaches to hundreds of thousands of commuters – even prompting the governor to declare a state of emergency. The collapse was a topic… Read More »

Infrastructure: Fund It, and They Will Build

Federal and state programs, policies, and budgets often are subject to great debate and polarized positions. But there’s at least one policy area where most sides agree: We need to take care of our infrastructure. Countless studies have determined our roads, bridges, public transportation, shipping ports, and utilities are in disrepair. The latest American Society… Read More »

Do Northern Construction Workers Hibernate All Winter?

Residents of northern states understand the simple reality that there are actually only two seasons: winter and road construction. In road construction season, workers in white and yellow hats (read here about what the colors mean) and safety vests are everywhere, getting highways and streets back into shape. But where do these construction engineers go,… Read More »