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What Are Your Options for Exterior Remodeling?

The UW-Stout Memorial Student Center was renovated inside and out. While renovating the interior of your building is important for your employees and customers, remodeling the exterior and structural base of your property can also increase your building’s value and draw in new customers with great new curb appeal. Minor Exterior Remodeling This involves replacing… Read More »

Top Tips for Making the Most of Building Renovations

Just as any new home needs curb appeal, a business space needs to be able to make a solid first impression to draw in customers and clients. While the renovation process can be complicated, it doesn’t have to be painful. We’ve renovated hundreds of office, senior living, retail, and government buildings throughout the years, and… Read More »

Raising the Question: Should a Building Be Razed?

By Raivo Balciunas, AIA, LEED AP Should a building be razed – demolished, leveled to the ground? That’s a question many owners face when deciding what to do with an existing property. It’s not an easy decision to remodel an existing structure versus starting over from the ground up. Cost, schedule, and operational impact are… Read More »