Summit Avenue/Grandview Boulevard Traffic Services

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The City of Waukesha retained Ayres to design the roadway reconstruction at the intersection of Summit Avenue (US 18) and Grandview Boulevard. Summit Avenue is a major collector urban street originally constructed in 1956. The 9-inch concrete pavement was in poor condition with transverse cracking and joint faulting.

Ayres completed a Type 2 Intersection Transportation Management Plan for this project. TMPs are documents showing how safety and mobility impacts will be managed while a project is under construction. Ayres completed a TMP for the entire corridor from Western Avenue to East North, even though the immediate project included only the intersection of Summit Avenue and Grandview Boulevard.

Ayres also conducted a corridor analysis evaluating the capacity of the Summit Avenue and Grandview Boulevard intersection using SIGNAL2000, TRANSYT-7F, SimTraffic, and Synchro. Field data was gathered using JAMAR handheld counters and Hi-STAR lane counters. The analysis indicated the existing intersection of Summit Avenue and Grandview Boulevard would not adequately handle future traffic demands. Several geometric alternatives were evaluated to improve the capacity and safety of this intersection. After Ayres presented the alternatives, it was decided to expand capacity on all four approaches.

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City of Waukesha


Waukesha, WI

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Traffic Engineering

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