Pepin County LiDAR and Orthoimagery 2013

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Pepin County selected Ayres Associates to provide high-accuracy LiDAR (light detection and ranging) and orthoimagery in 2013. Digital terrain modeling derived from LiDAR with hydro-flattened break lines supported the creation of 2-foot interval contours.

Although the County was originally seeking to collect only LiDAR, the Land Information Office felt this was an excellent opportunity to collect new 12-inch resolution orthoimagery that would match directly with the LiDAR dataset. This imagery was flown with Ayres Associates’ RCD30 camera. The LiDAR and imagery data will be used in floodplain mapping, preliminary site engineering, forestry management, and emergency response.

Ayres reviewed Pepin County’s GIS software and conducted training for County staff to maximize the County’s potential uses for the data and to review what software options will work best for the County.

Surveying tasks included providing 3D coordinates of photo-identifiable features for control orientation and topographic surveying of six different land classes at random locations for quality assurance/quality control of the final LiDAR surface.

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Pepin County Land Management Office


Pepin County, WI

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Aerial Mapping

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