Our Locations

Our offices in the Midwest, Southeast, and West serve clients around the nation. Video conference equipment and document sharing tools make it easy for us to put a diverse team of specialists around the table to push projects forward.

Madison (Badger), WI

The very creative professionals here collaborate to breathe life into clients’ planning, landscape architecture, urban planning, and parks projects. Civil and construction engineers round out this office with the “hard engineering” to back up our landscape architects and planners. This group of experts is dedicated to sustainability, environmental stewardship, and a healthy world. Their goal is to shape spaces into vital expressions that help define the communities where they are located. They strive to enhance the quality and resiliency of life through every project they plan and design.

In short, they care deeply about the future of their own community, Madison, and all the communities in which they leave a subtle but enduring mark.

When they are not passionately going about their work at our south side Madison office, our employees are out enjoying family time as they take advantage of the many opportunities for paddling, biking, and hiking in and around Madison. Many have young children, and staff members make it a priority to get their families together to enjoy the parks and other public spaces they have designed in the area.