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Infrastructure: Fund It, and They Will Build

Federal and state programs, policies, and budgets often are subject to great debate and polarized positions. But there’s at least one policy area where most sides agree: We need to take care of our infrastructure. Countless studies have determined our roads, bridges, public transportation, shipping ports, and utilities are in disrepair. The latest American Society… Read More »

Scholarships Open Doors to Engineering Careers

How can I find engineering-specific scholarships? ACEC offers several. The deadline to apply is in March. A new year brings new opportunities, as the saying goes. And in civil engineering and related disciplines, employment opportunities abound for 2017 and beyond. Buildings and roads are being erected, the housing market has returned to a promising level, and… Read More »

Closed Landfills: Managing Limitations, Seeing Possibilities

By Erik Lietz You may have read in our last post about the surprisingly long list of facilities that can be built on top of a closed landfill. Whether it’s exercise facilities for athletes or their faithful canine companions, outdoor event sites, or trails to enjoy nature, closed landfills are being turned into useful places… Read More »