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Celebrating Engineers Week and Making a Positive Difference Everywhere You Look

By Thomas Pulse, PE If you enjoy clean water, safe bridges and roads, sturdy buildings, and managed stormwater – thank a civil engineer. Engineers come in many flavors – from aerospace and agricultural to biomedical, mechanical, and many more – but here at Ayres Associates we are primarily civil engineers. The Bureau of Labor Statistics… Read More »

Scholarships Open Doors to Engineering Careers

How can I find engineering-specific scholarships? ACEC offers several. The deadline to apply is in March. A new year brings new opportunities, as the saying goes. And in civil engineering and related disciplines, employment opportunities abound for 2017 and beyond. Buildings and roads are being erected, the housing market has returned to a promising level, and… Read More »

Homebuilding Project Provides New Perspective

By Disa Wahlstrand, PE, LEED AP Being a civil engineer for 22 years equips you with a fair amount of information about site development projects. I know there needs to be a firm foundation for a building, good drainage, access for utilities, and adherence to local regulations, among other standard considerations. But I learned a… Read More »