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Stereo Compilation Technician #1717

The Geospatial Division of Ayres Associates is seeking candidates for a full-time stereo-compiler position within the Aerial Mapping group in Madison, WI. With recent growth initiatives at Ayres Associates we are looking for experienced candidates to support the team with a range of stereo-compilation skills for diverse photogrammetric mapping applications.



Qualified candidates will have at least two-years of experience with photogrammetric 3D stereo-compilation or 3D image-based geospatial analysis and must possess a 4-year degree in geography or related discipline (for example: cartography, survey, remote sensing).  The ideal candidate will have experience compiling digital terrain models (DTM) and planimetric features from stereo-imagery (aerial photography or satellite). Experience with compilation for departments of transportation or engineering-grade applications would be considered a plus. Candidates should also be familiar with CAD-based platforms for map compilation and demonstrate experience with compilation software platforms such as Intergraph’s ISSD, Socet Set, Cardinal, and/or Summit.

Background with editing LiDAR or breakline compilation for LiDAR would be a plus, but candidates must possess 3D stereo-compilation experience at a minimum.



Responsibilities will include the production of 3D stereo-compiled data using multiple software packages. Other duties may include project design, procedures development, and communications with clients and staff regarding technical requirements. This position requires the employee to be committed to data quality and integrity as well as have the ability to work in a team environment.